Game ON!

Last week, I was invited to participate in the Game On Diet with a group of girl (and one boy) friends. I’ve been hearing about this four week program for some time and decided that once and for all it’s time for me to lose the pesky 5 pounds that I’ve been carrying around, especially in light of the fact that weight gain is now being associated with FBC recurrence.

Well, let me tell you that it’s SO much more about losing weight.  Pound shedding is really an added Silver Lining. What I like so much about it is rather than being reactive, it’s proactive. Rather than focusing on losing weight, you get to focus on winning points — and let me just say that this idea definitely appeals to the competitive side of my personality. Other reasons to participate include:

One of the rules is to eat 5 small meals a day. Each meal needs to combine a lean protein, healthy fat, carbohydrate (like whole grains and fruit) and vegetables. This is the hardest part of the program for me. It just seems like so much. I get it, though. It’s really about increasing metabolism.

In terms of high-protein vegan options, I’m happy to say that there are lots of choices: tempeh, lentils, veggie burgers, black-eyed peas, quinoa, seitan, black beans, tofu, kidney beans, and lima beans to name a few (Silver Lining).

So, here is how the point system works in a nutshell:

What I am especially LOVING is the elimination of a bad habit and creation of a new habit. The bad habit that I am eliminating is doing any kind of email or internet one hour before bed.  The good habit that I am (re)creating is reading a good old fashion book before bed. Clearly, I’m focused on creating healthy nighttime habits with the intention of sleeping better and therefore feeling better.

Oh and a big Silver Lining is the fact that you get one whole day/week off and one meal off a week. Trust me: I took them!

The program is 4 weeks. Six days into the first week, I’m loving it. I’ll certainly keep you posted on how things go!

Have you ever tried this program?  If so, I’d love to hear what you think!

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