How to Cut a Watermelon for Salad

How to Cut a Watermelon for Salad,

After making this week’s Friday’s Fixin’s recipe, it occurred to us that it would be a super idea to share with you how to cut a watermelon for salad.  I always learn so much when I’m in the kitchen with Maili and it’s a great Silver Lining to be able to share the information with you all!

Ok, so here we go:

How to Cut a Watermelon,

1. Slice a piece off both the bottom and the top of the watermelon.The bottom creates a flat base and removing the top makes it easier to trim the sides.  Trim off the rind and white part of the watermelon until you have only red showing.

How to Cut a Watermelon,

2. Slice it into 1-inch thick whole slices.

How to Cut a Watermelon,

3. Stack a few whole slices together and cut them vertically and then horizontally and that will create perfect similar size chunks.

That’s it. Easy Peasy! The only thing left to do now is: Enjoy!

For more fun, check out Maili’s blog:

Thank you to Blue Caleel for taking such scrumptious photos!


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