Juicing Craze


As you can tell by now, I am a little cuckoo about juicing, and why not? It’s a great way to achieve and maintain your health and vitality!

I’ve been drinking a whole lot of juice this weekend and thought it might be helpful to provide you with a quick round-up of all my juicing posts in one place to use for reference. In addition, I’ve listed a few other juicing resources I’ve found helpful over the years. Cheers!

My favorite juices are:

My favorite juicing books are:

The Juicing Bible

Super Cleanse

The Juicer that I use is the Breville Juicer. At about $150 (and can be even more with extra bells and whistles), it was expensive, but it’s still rockin’ after 4 years. So, it was worth the investment (Silver Lining).


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  1. Shaneka Solis says

    Hello Hollye, this was the response from my nutritionist at my Dr office, "Paleo is an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. When you are inflamed, it could potentially cause abnormal cell growth and/or proliferation. We call this cancer. There are things you should look into such as the Gersen Therapy and Dr. Burzynski. Both have two types of food treatments alternative to chemo and paleo is a great compliment to them both, you can customize it any way you choose, it's just about eating the right kinds of food"

  2. Shaneka Solis says

    I seen last week that you posted some Paleo Bread in the daily reading. Ive been trying to find out is The Paleo Diet safe for cancer patients that are still in treatment? Some web sites I've found say yes and some says no, so as you can see I'm a little confused. Before my diagnosis, I followed the Paleo Diet and incorporated some juicing into my diet as well. Then my eating habits changed after my surgery and chemo. So as I start to try and get back on a healthy eating track I need some advise on my eating.

    • says

      Hi Shaneka,
      thanks for your note. This is an excellent question. While I don't know what your chemo regimen is, I wouldn't want to advise one way or the other on whether the diet is right for you. For example, sometimes during chemo, it is best to avoid raw foods. I would highly recommend talking with your oncologist and your clinic's nutritionist.
      My diet during chemo consisted of chocolate malts because that was all I could tolerate. However, that was NOT advised by my doctor or nutritionist! I just did the best that I could to get calories in. Alas. Everyone is definitely different, which is why I highly recommend making the best decision with your doctor and nutritionist based on your chemo regimen.
      I'd love to hear what they say!
      Please stay in touch.
      Best wishes,