Friday's Fixin's: CreamLess Asparagus Soup

Happy Good Friday! I am super excited to share Friday’s Fixin’s with you today. Chef Maili Halme and I have been in the kitchen again dreaming up some super fun ideas for you (and me!).

As Maili told me, “I was working on the menu for a Spring dinner and my only goal was taste.  I wanted something delicious that everyone would love.  I wasn’t worried about calories or health or anything else.  I fully intended to put cream in this soup.   When I cook I taste as I go along.  I tasted the soup before I added the cream and thought it tasted so rich and delicious just as it was that I decided to omit the cream.”

Do you see why she is my kind of girl?  I mean, really. As a result, this recipe is shockingly simple with so few ingredients that you’d think that there has to be something more to it.  Nope! Nada. It is just the vegetables putting their best food forward.  This is quick and simple to make the day of, but it also freezes well if you would like to make it in advance.


Truth be told, I made the soup and had it for BREAKFAST!  When I finished, I felt like I had a triple shot of espresso. Seriously. It’s that amazing and that energizing!  Hope that you enjoy it as much as we are!



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