Friday's Fixin's: Fast and French Salad


One of my favorite blogs is called Everyday Musings written by Olivia Rae James. It is a delightful and inspiring blog that always makes me smile.

Last week, Olivia posted an amazing salad that made me drool when I first saw it and then drool even more when I made it.  She generously agreed to share it with The Silver Pen (Silver Lining). Thank you, Olivia!

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!  Be sure to check out Olivia’s blog.

Photograph from Everyday Musings

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  1. Gladys Oropeza says

    Dear Hollye,

    I will try the F & F salad as a side dish for tomorrow's dish. My BIG mexican family (12 adults and 16 teens and tots) gathers together every saturday at my house for lunch and I am always looking for new dishes to serve them. So thank you for sharing.

    I wanted to ask you, since you are so knowledgeable about the healthiest products in the market, what are your favorite foods? What's your typical breakfast-lunch-dinner menu? Have you heard or tried Coconut Water Kefir? If yes, what are your thoughts on it?

    Well, of I go to tend to the weekend and I wish you + HOTY+ S6+Buzz a great weekend too.
    Oh! I almost forgot to mention, since I know you fell in love with Cuixmala and Hacienda de San Antonio, (leave it to Alix and Goffredo to create such magical paradise), I wanted to share with you another really enchanting hotel in Alamos, Sonora, (where you might say? Almo, Sonora, a quaint little town, in the middle of nowhere) the Hotel's name is Hacienda de los Santos and here is the link so you can peek through it. www dot haciendadelossantos dot com


    • says

      Oh wonderful, Gladys. Please let me know how you enjoy it!
      I'll do a post on my favorite foods and products for you next week. One of my most fun things to discuss.
      I don't know Hacienda de los Santos, but it sounds wonderful. I look forward to seeing it.
      Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. says

    This salad looks delicious! I am always looking for salad recipes. In summer I like to make a whole meal of a salad by adding bits of chicken or beef. Thanks for the recipe, Hollye.
    Bon Appetite!

  3. says

    This salad looks and sounds delicious! I am always looking for good salad recipes, especially in summer. I like to make a complete meal of them by adding bits of chicken or beef. Thanks for this one, Hollye. Bon Appetite!