Friday's Fixin's: ginnybakes!

Since we have been away this week and eating out (at some pretty fabulous spots!) in San Francisco, I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about an amazing company called ginnybakes founded by my dear friend Ginny Simon.

After my most recent surgery, the ever-thoughtful Ginny sent a box of Ginnybakes goodies to help me recover. Boy, oh boy, did they do the trick (Silver Lining!). And can I just  say that our whole family is crazy about her products. Oh, and last week, at a small dinner party, I brought out 4 different types of her cookies for one of our gluten-free guests. As it turns out, ALL of the guests devoured them!  They are that delicious!

Ginny is an amazing woman. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Ginny met her adorable and wonderful husband Steve when she was fresh out of college on a Spring Break vacation in Florida.  They married a year later and Ginny soon found herself a devoted mom to four sons Scott (23), Michael (21), Mark (18) and Kevin (17). I know. I know. She doesn’t look like she has 4 boys, much less 4 nearly grown boys. Just wait…there’s so much more!

As the boys began entering college, Ginny realized it was time to seek a new path. A lifelong pescatarian, she began looking for a way to combine her love of a healthy lifestyle, clean diet and joy of entertaining with a new adventure. That one idea led Ginny to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, where she earned her credentials as a certified holistic nutritionist. Yes, in addition to being kind, gorgeous and chic, she is also smart. Really smart.

In her practice, Ginny acquired many clients with a gluten intolerance and celiac disease who wanted to feel as though they had choices, and felt deprived of desserts and sweet indulgences.  The figurative light bulb went off, and Ginny began creating a line of healthy bake mixes, which in turn spiraled into the cookies.

“I’ve grown by really listening to what my clients, retailers and health enthusiasts were telling me, and then applying that to my creations,” adds Ginny. “In a way, my mixes were created by them, for them. It’s that focus that has allowed me to grow ginnybakes into what’s now a favorite healthy alternative for families across America.”

Ginny kindly took a little time to tell The Silver Pen about her philosophy of living.

On ginnybakes:  “My proudest moment was when a local health food store in South Florida took me in.  The owner, Riz, has been such a quiet, strong supporter.  I was almost ready to give up and he took me in, gave me my first opportunity, and treated me with grace and kindness.  I confess, I also love the phone calls from my parents when they walk into a grocery store and see ginnybakes on a shelf.”

On Motherhood: “I am so proud each and every time I walk into a room surrouned by my five men.  My sons are the most amazing, funny, humble, gracious people, yet each is so different.  I am filled with awe that I am their mom.  They have made me laugh so much it hurts, cry with joy in their accomplishments, and get my claws out when they’re hurt.  Plus, I’ve heard enough burps to last a lifetime.”

On Mompreneurship : “I essentially started for my own sense of accomplishment, which shows my boys the power of their mom as an empowered woman.  I love that they have seen me set goals and work through the really tough moments and stay the course.  And when they tell me how proud they are of me? Wow!  What a high!”

On marriage: “My husband is the one I have shared every day with since I turned 21.  He is the love of my life, my center, my home.”

On life: “There is not one moment that I do not understand the importance of gratitude for the moments of life.  I always tell me kids: remember this moment—it’s so sweet.”

What Was Your Success Realization? “When my husband gave up his law practice after 26 years to become the ginnybakes COO.”

Favorite indulgence? “Two yoga classes in one day… Now That’s one great day!”

Favorite food? “A loaf of hot, crispy bread with a fresh mound of burratta cheese.”

Favorite solo past time?  “Taking a long walk with my dogs Bear and Pippen.  It’s a quiet time to meditate or work things through in my mind, while loving their companionship.”

On a wonderfully cozy rainy day last weekend, Sweetly Six and I made Ginny’s lovely brownie bliss brownies.  I love that the label says that they are “the best brownies you’ll ever eat.”  I smiled when I read that and thought, “how sweet.” Well, lo and behold, that label was RIGHT (Silver Lining).  They ARE the best brownies I’ve ever eaten and could have easily done a face plant in the pan.

I know you’ll love Ginny’s products as much as we do. Good luck on not doing a face plant in anything though!

You can order online here:

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