Friday's Fixin's: Stupendous Snacks

Since my FBC diagnosis (and especially in the bottomless pit of chemo despair), I have found that I am so much more focused on what I put into my body.

While I was a healthy eater prior to this FBC nonsense, I do admit to having some unhealthy proclivities, e.g., skipping the occasional meal…or having one “big” meal/day….or not getting enough fiber and a few other unmentionables.

Of course I know about the benefits of:

  1. Eating every few hours: blood sugar stability contributing to weight loss and/or weight management, a happier attitude and improved memory
  2. Eating breakfast: improved concentration, more strength & endurance, and lower cholesterol levels
  3. Eating fiber: you know…

Despite knowing this information, I didn’t always practice what is preached. There. I said it.

Another important nutritional consideration that I am now acutely aware of thanks to FBC (and any kind of FC, by the way) is maintaining a healthy weight.  Studies have demonstrated that being overweight or obese may increase cancer risk and recurrence. People who are overweight have more fat tissue, which can produce hormones (e.g., insulin or estrogen) that could cause cancer cells to grow. My FBC happens to be estrogen positive, which means that it loooooves estrogen.

The net-net is that avoiding excess weight is associated with cancer prevention, more effective cancer treatment, the prevention of diseases (in addition to cancer), and improved overall health and survival.

Well, well, well, times have ‘a changed for me – obviously. I now have a heightened sense of urgency on all.

Some of my new favorite snacks (thanks to Registered Dietitian extraordinaire, Rachel Beller) are:


Newman's Own Organic Protein Pretzels


Newman’s Own Organic Protein Pretzels (at Whole Foods) are insanely good.  These, my friends, were my lifeline when I was in the bottomless pit of nausea despair.  I don’t know what the secret ingredient is that made them work, but these pretzels saved me. Literally. I almost always have these in my purse.  In fact, I will frequently forget my wallet, but remember to put these in my bag.  THAT’S how great they are!

Now that I no longer have nausea – Hallelujah!  Silver Lining! – I often have them with some hummus in the afternoon. YUMMA!


Finally Five loves to help make (and eat!) snacks


An energy boosting snack that I love is: the combination Greek yogurt blended with semi-frozen berries and a little cinnamon to make a delicious frozen yogurt. When I first tried to make this – like a doofus – I put the ingredients in a blender. Because Rachel told me to “blend” them.  However, the ingredients did not blend.  Rather, everything was smeared on the side of the blender. UGH. I am such a literal person when it comes to all things kitchen related.  The key here is using a hand immersion blender.  FYI. It’s always good to learn from other people’s mistakes…Right?!?


Cereal snack. Usually, I prefer to use a bowl when eating cereal. I took a little creative license here. Just because.


Ever since college, I’ve loved cereal as a snack (or as lunch or dinner, for that matter!). Rachel calls this cereal combination the “Ultimate Fun Mixer.”  It is 1/2 cup Nature’s Path Smart Bran and 1/2 cup Nature’s Path Sunrise (both from Whole Foods). I don’t drink milk, so I use Almond Milk on top.  To this bowl of yummy, I add a little cinnamon (Mustafa Ceylon Cinnamon or Ceylon True Cinnamon – both can be found online) because cinnamon regulates blood sugar and knocks out nausea.

Yet another great, amazingly filling and fabulous snack is the Trader Joe’s Five Seed Almond Bar. They are made with tons of amazing ingredients including: flax, poppy, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds, almonds, cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar and honey. Each bar has 53 mg omega 3 fatty acids per serving and  is only 110 calories. I have one of these every afternoon about 3:00 as a pick-me-up.


Hope you enjoy these Silver Lining snacks as much as I do!

He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors.

~Chinese Proverb









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  1. Camila S. Mata says

    Thanks Hollye for this great info re pretzel snacks. etc… i'm just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and just had my first cycle of chemo…though i did not experienced the untoward effects yet (and hope not), sharing what you had experienced will give me inspirations in my battle…

    • says

      Dear Camila,
      Thank you for your note. I'm so sorry to hear that you've joined the club to which no one applies for membership; however, know that there is a strong and supportive community here, whenever you need anything. Please take good care and stay in touch!
      All my best,

  2. Jacquie says

    I have been following your blog pretty much since the start of it when our lovely friend Catie Ditmore brought it to my attention. I especially love this post because hearing your story makes me want to be healthier and it is so beneficial to hear ways to help improve my eating habits and prevent cancer. Thanks for these snack ideas! I will be going to whole foods ASAP! You are in my thoughts daily.

  3. Susan Rooney says

    Happy Friday Hollye,

    Thought you might enjoy this email from my sister-in-law, who I sent a link to your blog. She is an OB/GYN named Tracy who lives in Denver and was profoundly inspired by your silver linings. I am grateful that we have also have YOU to connect us over the miles and give Tracy something special to read between deliveries. Miracles big and small!!!

    "Once again, you are so truly amazing! thanks so much for keeping me in the first class section of contemporary culture, whether books or blogs… I'm still at the hospital, can't sleep, slow Internet and bored. (but i did get to deliver twins and two of the most beautiful babies ever. Their names are James and Sarah, I also got to hold/feed them while mommy sleeps!!!:)

    Then Instead of sleeping myself I started reading this blog and unfortunately i'm almost done— I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT! Upbeat realism with a pragmatic approach to such a devastating disease, PLUS all kinds of great fashion and decorating tips and of course, the underlying quotes and finally her insights into holding onto special moments in life and with her daughter. It couldn't be better!

  4. Linda says

    Thanks much for the Newman's pretzel tip. Should be a great snack to keep in my purse during chemo.Take care.