Friday's Fixin's: The Best Protein Packed Vegetable Soup

The Best Vegetable Soup EverWhen we were playing around in the kitchen last week, Maili waved her magic creative cooking wand and came up with this amazing and fantabulous soup. I happen to think that it’s the best vegetable soup – ever. Oh dear heavens is it ever good. I scorched my tongue because I ate it when it was too hot (and then kept eating it).

You may say: Vegetable soup in the spring?  Well, I happen to think that the spring (and especially a rainy day) is the perfect time of the year to have vegetable soup.  The Silver Lining is that you can get lots of the ingredients at the farmers market (well, you can if you live in California or another warm state). I’m a big fan of soup because it’s a whole meal in one (if you want it to be) and will last for about 5 days (assuming that you don’t eat it before then!).

Hope that you enjoy as much as we did!

Best Vegetable Soup EverBest Vegetable Soup Ever

Best Vegetable soup ever

By the way, here’s a shot of Maili and me in my kitchen. She is a major Silver Lining in my life!

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Thank you dear Blue Caleel for taking these photos!

PS – Here’s a little reminder on how to cut an onion: 

how to cut an onion

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  1. Ann Wong says

    We all loved this soup! I was hesitant about the lemon and so only added half the amount at first, but eventually added it all, because it was a great addition to the flavour. Also, we love that it is packed with protein, and is basically a complete meal. Absolutely delicious!!!! Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. Jennie says

    Hollye, I have to agree that this soup is tops! I just made it for the second time tonight and I've doubled the recipe each time. Some to enjoy now, some to freeze, some to give away. Tonight's batch wasn't actually made till we finished our actual dinner that I cooked earlier in the evening–I just wanted to make more while I was thinking about it. I'm an addict!

  3. says

    I love soup. Even when it's hot – which it's not yet here where I live by the way. In fact, it snowed yesterday! I will be trying this. Thank you to you both!

  4. E.B. says

    Yummmmmm! Perfect timing, Ms. Hollye, supposed to be rainy in my area this weekend, GREAT soup weather! Wishing you all a Silver Lined weekend!