Friday's Fixin's: Vegan Chili

After two years as a California resident, my blood has officially thinned. So please forgive me in advance when I say that it’s been a chilly willy 50 degrees lately and the evenings are dipping into the 40’s. Brrrrr….

The frigid temperatures (please remember the forgiveness!) have made me crave chili.  Growing up in the midwest, the only chili I knew was the meat & dairy heavy version.  Well, lo and behold, chili CAN be utterly delish AND vegan!  Below is a super yummy recipe that I had in my file and made this week.  Ohhhh, is it ever good!  I put a little dollop of vegan sour cream on and presto (!) I find myself in heaven.

Hope that you enjoy it (Silver Lining)!

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