Friday's Fixin's: Walnut and Banana Pancakes

Healthy Pancakes, TheSilverPen.comWhen I was sick with that pesky breast cancer, I craved “white” food like nobody’s business. Sugar. Carbs. You name it.  Anything junky, I was all over it. However, eating sugar when you have cancer is bad-bad-bad. Why? Well, because sugar feeds cancer. Now, in my post-cancer life, I do my best to limit sugar as much as I possibly can.

Dale Figtree, a dietitian in Santa Barbara gave me a pancake recipe that I could actually eat. I posted this recipe way back when and pulled it out again recently when I was craving pancakes. In case you haven’t tried it, I highly encourage you to do so. These puppies are a major Silver Lining!

Dale’s Pancakes

  1. Grind a handful of walnuts in the blender.
  2. Then add a banana and two eggs and some cinnamon.
  3. Then grill in a little olive oil and you have perfect pancakes that are actually good for you.

How great is this?  Tons of protein, potassium, good healthy calories….and YUM!

As much as I wanted to douse them with 100% pure Vermont Maple Syrup, I went with my doctor’s advice and put some organic applesauce (for the healthy calories) and cinnamon on them.  Not syrup, but a very nice alternative, I must say.



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  1. says

    Thank you for posting this recipe. I've reduced the sugar, gluten etc in my diet but I miss pancakes and now I have a healthier version to make on an occasional Sunday morning. Xoxo

  2. Harriet Krivit says

    So pleased and happy for you that you are in your "post cancer life". AND that you love and play tennis! Good you found that out about "sugar feeding cancer"…didn't know that. But as
    a grazing/binge eater disordered person I've found that this condition around food is so individual.
    For me the sugar/carbo imput doesn't lead me to overeat any more than any other food groups do. I never chose that eating food (any food) puts me in magic place…but it does. VERY TOUGH RIGHT NOW…I get periods where managing this is better. Each day a new day…maybe today will be more comfortable. Helps to say what's true for me.

  3. dotty says

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful words of inspiration. I always look forward to your posts and have said many times "all heros are NOT in history books". I love that you continue to enjoy the "abundance" mentality…

    • says

      Thank you so much for your kind note, Dotty! I couldn't agree more about heroes not being in history books. They are everywhere, all around us. Much like Silver Linings, all we have to do is look for them.
      Thank you again for your note.