Friday's Fixin's is Back with Hot Grapes 'N Kale!

Welcome back to Friday’s Fixin’s!  The last couple of weeks have been all-consumed with work and I haven’t been spending time trying new recipes. Suddenly Seven and the HOTY have been very patient with me – thankfully!

Well, I have joyously been back in the kitchen with my friend, Chef Maili Halme. Playing with her in the kitchen is a true Silver Lining. Oh dear heavens is she ever talented.  Well, this week we had a great time and came up with some super yummy recipes that I’m excited to share with you here.

Maili and I talked a lot about how nutrition contributes to cancer prevention and healing from treatment, so for the next few weeks, we are going to share some seriously easy and delicious recipes that are powerhouses when it comes to contending with cancer.

The first recipe, Hot Kale ‘N Grapes is unbelievably easy and seriously delish. My family devoured the entire batch! I know it sounds like a bizarre recipe – at least it sounded bizarre to me – however grapes taste completely differently when you heat them.  When Maili described the idea to me she said, “Grapes are transformed from something good to something that everyone oohs and awes over. There isn’t a magic ingredient. Heat is the only magic trick.”

This is what it looks like when it’s cooking:

 This is the finished product! 

Maili made the grapes and kale recipe by happenstance. Don’t some of the best things in life happen that way?  The grapes were literally sitting on a cheese platter at one of the cooking classes that she was doing and she threw them in with the kale as a last minute experiment. The Silver Lining: kale and grapes are powerhouses in Cancer Town.

Hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as we are!

Special thanks to Blue Caleel for taking these photographs (while I was taking notes, chatting and stuffing my face!).

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