Silver Lined Discovery: Almond Water


This week, I came across a delish, Silver Lined treat: Almond Water. Who knew?!?

Originally from France, Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water has just arrived Stateside thanks to husband-and-wife team David and Deborah Meniane.

Their company, Victoria’s Kitchen, takes its almond-water recipe (and the company’s name) from David’s grandmother, Victoria. First, the nuts are soaked for hours to capture their flavor, then a bit of cane sugar is added to the resulting liquid to give it a hint of sweetness. Fear not, though; the sugar level is kept in check (Silver Lining).

Hope that you enjoy it as much as I am!

Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water: 6 Pack for $11.99

You can find store locations here:

If you live in Santa Barbara, you can buy it at Lazy Acres.

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