Silver Lined Discovery: Hail Merry Macaroons


I seriously love when a new product comes into my life that knocks my socks completely off and then proceeds to blow my mind (or taste buds!)! Well that, my friends, is what Hail Merry Macaroons did for me this week.  Thanks to a sample table at the supermarket (I still love that word), I am a new devotee of the sweet treat!

Ohhhhh, and did I mention that they are raw, vegan, and gluten-free treats. Uh Huh. Oh yes they are! According to it’s website,

Hail Merry is a snack food company born out of the yoga culture. It is a category-redefining brand by way of taste, healthful benefits and philosophy. The raw plant-based oils offer an unparalleled taste experience and may assist in healing the body. Finally…(sigh) taste and health co-exist!

The sweetness comes from organic shredded coconut and organic maple syrup…so it’s about as good and clean and natural as a sweet treat can be!

I hope that you enjoy these yummies as much as I do…Silver Lining!

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    Ohhhhh…..yummy! A sweet treat that is both tasty and healthy. And I have always loved macaroons. I will have to play detective and ask for these organic Hail Merry's in my favorite grocery stores. Hollye, perhaps you know what chains may sell them??