Friday's Fixin's: Best Travel Snacks

This weekend, another travel adventure begins!  I’m heading to New York for work (meetings) and play (friends & fashion week). I always equate New York with Silver Linings, so I’m super excited about the trip.

It seems like every time I step into an airport, I become famished. Some ridiculous hunger switch turns on and though I try to ignore myself, I inevitably go in hot pursuit of food. It’s not pretty, especially considering the food (non)options in virtually every airport.

So, in recognition of my airportapeworm, before I even think about packing clothes, I pack healthy, satisfying snacks that are fiber heavy (because traveling is horrendous for my plumbing. Just sayin’).

Here are some of my faves:

  • Trader Joe’s Apple Cranberry Fiber Mini Cakes
  • Gnu Flavor and Fiber Bars
  • Carrot Snack Bags
  • Seaweed Snacks
  • 100 Calorie packages of Almonds (so I don’t overeat)
  • An orange
  • A banana
  • Barney 90 calorie almond butter packets (which are super yumma on the banana)
  • A dark chocolate bar to satisfy my incorrigible sweet tooth
  • Digestive enzymes (to help optimally digest food)
Also, as soon as I clear security, I buy a ginormous container of water to help prevent getting dehydrated (which I do easily). The Silver Lining of drinking lots of water on a plane is that it will help prevent plumbing issues upon landing.


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