Silver Lined Discoveries: Beanitos Black Bean Chips

In searching for something to munch with my new favorite bean salad, I came across quite possibly the most joy inducing product I’ve found in a while: Beanitos!

I grew up on Doritos and Cheetos. What? It’s true. Please don’t judge.

As a consequence, I’m a chips freak!  I could seriously do a face plant in a bag of Doritos and not see you until I came out the other side. I love them THAT much. But I haven’t eaten them in years. Why? Ohhhhhh, I bet you can figure that one out.

So, how happy was I to find a “healthier” version of my beloved chips?!?

Beanitos are gluten free, corn free, high in fiber (always a Silver Lining in my world!), and low glycemic (which means that they won’t spike your blood sugar). Also, each serving has 4 grams of complete protein.  Oh, and quite possibly my favorite part: they are non-GMO certified which means that they minimize the possible introduction of any ingredients that have been bioengineered (genetically modified).

Truth be told, my favorite part is that they are insanely DELICIOUS!!!

Now a bowl of green beans, they’re not. And yes, they come in a bag, which means that they are processed. But hey, they have enough going for them that I am definitely keeping these treats around!  Hope you flip for them as much as I did (Silver Lining)!

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