Friday's Fixin's: Ice Cream

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month?  Sweetly Six is especially excited about this month-long celebration because ice cream is her all-time favorite thing on the planet!

Two of our favorite places to get ice cream in Santa Barbara are McConnell’s (on Mission Street in Santa Barbara) and Scoop (on Coast Village Road in Montecito). Both use great ingredients and even offer dairy free options. In fact, Scoop makes their sorbet’s with ingredients straight from the farmer’s market (Silver Lining).

This week, I picked up Kelly Broznya’s new book, Dairy Free Ice Cream. My, oh my, am I ever glad I did!  It is soooooo beautiful!  Even if you never make a thing from here (a list I will NOT be on!), it is so fun to flip through the gorgeous images.

First on my list is the Pomegranate Sorbet. How good does this look? I mean, really.

 Pomegranate Sorbet

by Kelly Broznya


  • 1/2 cup coconut water (Kelly suggests Amy & Brian)
  • 1/2 cup soft pitted medjool dates
  • 1/2 tsp guar gum (or other thickeners that Kelly suggests)
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 2 1/2 cups pomegranate juice (she suggests R.W. Knudsen Just Pomegranate)*


  1. Puree all ingredients until creamy and smooth
  2. Freeze for about an hour or refrigerate until cold
  3. Pour into ice cream machine, per manufacturers instructions
  4. Eat straight from ice cream machine or freeze until hard for pretty scoops

* You can make these sorbets with any flavor of juice you like!

I hope that you are able to pick up and try some of the great recipes in this book…and fully enjoy National Ice Cream Month (Silver Lining)!


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    I am going to an annual ice cream social at my neighbor's house tomorrow. It is always one of the highlights of our summer. It is celebrating the small and silly things that makes life so rich. Happy ice cream eating!