Silver Lining Discoveries: Black + Blanco Sandcastles

Black + Blanco Sandcastles,

One of my absolute new favorite snacks is Black + Blanco Sandcastle cookies. My oh my oh my!  I first learned about them from Amy, the owner and proprietor of Isabella Gourmet Foods. She let me sample one in her shop and I bought a package on the spot.

These are some super special cookies. The Black + Blanco Sandcastle is an original take on an old Moroccan cookie recipe. It is a  unique, delicious, and healthy (yes, healthy) cookie. Their two main ingredients are rye and coconut oil. Oh and there is no wheat, refined sugar, trans fat, dairy, cholesterol, preservatives, eggs or GMO’s. Seriously.

My favorite are the Maple Dusted Cardamoi, described as “Luxurious & exotic, dark syrupy notes with smashed pumpkin seeds.” Yep. They are all that and MORE!

Black + Blanco Sandcastle Cookies,

Image from: Dean & Deluca

In Santa Barbara, you can find them at Isabella Gourmet Foods. They are also sold at Dean & Deluca. To find them near you, please check out this link:



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