Friday’s Fixin’s: from The Solvang Bakery

On Tuesday, I arrived home to find the most amazing and glorious gift from dear Maili, her mom Susan and sister Melissa. Oh dear heavens was I ever super surprised and deeply grateful.

Maili’s family owns the (amazing!) Solvang Bakery. Located about 45 minutes away from Santa Barbara in the beautiful town of Solvang, the bakery is renowned for it’s Gingerbread houses. They have been making gingerbread houses for over 30 years. They send them – literally – all over the world. I have a strong suspicion that Santa has The Solvang Bakery on speed-dial.

Now, although this – obviously – isn’t a gingerbread house, it is made of gingerbread. It is a “wreath” of silver cookies with all of The Silver Pen topics on the blog, from Buzz to Suddenly Seven to quotes to the HOTY. In the center is a bowl of chocolate candies (that the HOTY is loooooooving!). Seriously astounding. I mean, really. Oh my gosh, this is quite possibly one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.

Solvang Bakery | The Silver Pen

Solvang Bakery | The Silver Pen

The Halme’s are the sweetest (pun intended!) family. So adorable in fact that on their website is their recipe for how to create a Bakery that Thrives for Over Three Decades:


  • (2) heaping tablespoons passion for delicious things to eat
  • (1) cup (packed) love of family
  • ¾ cup loyal, talented baking team
  • (8) fluid ounces craving for culinary creativity
  • (1) Danish town with a tradition for baking
  • Equal parts tradition and innovation



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