FBC Statistics

Hope you have had a beautiful, restful and rejuvenating weekend. On Sunday, I took the most glorious train ride from Santa Barbara to La Jolla. I’m not kidding. It was glorious!  …mainly because I wasn’t driving and mostly because cruising along the ocean was beauuuutiful.

I’m in La Jolla for a 5 day course on FBC (f-bomb breast cancer).  It will be an intense, noodle (i.e., brain) workout filled with science, science and more science as well as research, research and more research. I’m super excited about it. Yes, I am a complete and total GEEK who will joyfully share everything I learn with you!

In the meantime, below are some FBC statistics that you may (or may not) know. Fascinating. Sad. Highly, highly motivating (Silver Lining)!


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  1. Patty Pian says

    I hope you enjoy your conference! Where in La Jolla?? I would be happy to recommend a few restaurants….I live in Encinitas, a bit north, but would love to connect!

    • says

      Hi Patty!
      I'm at the Estancia in La Jolla. Class begins at 7:55 each day and doesn't end until after dinner….
      I'll be back in SD later this summer though and would LOVE to see you! xx