The Silver Lining Companion Guide & Good Morning America

One of the many things that FBC (f-bomb breast cancer for new readers) taught me is that Silver Linings come in small and in big packages. Today, the Silver Linings came in humongo-bongo packages!

I am thrilled beyond belief to introduce The Silver Lining Companion Guide. This new book is a condensed version of our (mine & Elizabeth Messina’s) original book, The Silver Lining: A Supportive & Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer. Our goal is that this Guide helps EVERYONE impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

Here’s the BEST PART: the guide is FREE. Yes, that’s right, it is FREE. Allstate has committed to buying one for every person impacted by the disease between October of 2014 and October of 2015. That is up to 250,000 of these books!!!!!!

This morning, I was so incredibly honored to appear on Good Morning America (for the second time!) with Allstate CEO, Thomas Wilson and beloved Robin Roberts to make the announcement. Here is the video clip:

We worked hard to make this book accessible & relatable. What I know for sure is that the unknown of cancer adds insult to the diagnosis. During my years as a nurse and a social worker, I vividly remember how much better people felt when they knew what to expect, whether it was a test or a treatment or even a legal document.  This is what this Guide will do: it will demystify the experience by  giving  practical tips, such as what to pack for that first visit to chemo, advice on how to deal with hot flashes, and how to talk with your children and family about what you are going through. It also provides a list of questions to ask your doctor so that you can get the most out of each and every appointment.  Everything that I learned as both a nurse and a patient is in this book.

I’m just thrilled that The Silver Lining Companion Guide: A Supportive and Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer is available FREE, thanks to the generosity of Allstate.

You’ll be able to download an electronic version of The Silver Lining Companion Guide on any e-reader. Additionally, the non-profit Direct Relief will provide the printed version through select partners across the US. The guide will also be distributed at Cancer Support Community offices around the country.

Along with the support of All State, Direct Relief, and Cancer Support Community, this guide will help encourage the next generation of thrivers to feel strengthened by this transformative, life altering experience. Often, a breast cancer diagnosis spells immediate fear and confusion. The guide provides a path for those diagnosed and their loved ones to cope with the cancer and illness, but also recognizes that underneath the disease, there is still hope to persevere.

Thank you to All State, Good Morning America, Direct Relief and Cancer Support Community for contributing to Breast Cancer Awareness and being “a force for good”.


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  1. Lisa Melendez says

    It will be nice to meet you in Midland/Odessas Pink the Basin luncheon. I am one of the Survivor models for their fashion show!

    • silverpen says

      So sorry that we didn’t get to meet, Lisa. I had the BEST time in Odessa and was so honored to be included. xx Hollye

  2. Amy Ennis says

    I work for a Breast Care Center. How would I order books for our new breast cancer patients? We give them a bag and some other items and would love to include this in it.
    Thank you, Amy

  3. suzy farbman says

    Way to go, Hollye. You make some dang fine lemonade. Thanks for the help you give all our sister sufferers and survivors. .