Brookside Middle-of-the Night Musings

Thanks to Decadron, I am up again in the middle of the night (again) and I thought I’d offload some of the random musings in my nutty-spinning-mushy-feeling brain.

As you may recall, Decadron is used:

  • To treat or prevent (potential) allergic reactions to chemotherapy.
  • To treat nausea and vomiting associated with some chemotherapy drugs.
  • To stimulate appetite in cancer patients.

However, some of the unsavory side effects are:

  • Headache (Check)
  • Dizziness (Check)
  • Insomnia (Check-Check)
  • Restlnessness (Check-Check-Check)
  • Anxiety (Check)
  • Acne (No.  C’mon. Really?)

One SL (silver lining) to this night is that I’ve been able to sleep for several hours (I think I dozed off at about 8:30 pm, so 5 1/2 hours in a ROW is fantastic)…AND (added SL) I woke up dreaming about Tennis!

I dreamed that I was playing with my tennis coach (who happens to be pregnant and at the beginning of her pregnancy, referred to herself as “Puke Face” thanks to her nausea). Now, I know exactly how she felt!  Oy.

I also dreamed about a Burger King Double-Whopper Cheeseburger.  How on earth could I, living in In-N-Out territory, dream about a Whopper?  Sacrilegious!  Oh and combine that with the fact that I don’t eat meat (except for maybe once a year)?  Crazy-time!

So, Buzz (can I just tell you how much I love this dog?  …even if he does snore?)….

….anyway, Buzz and I headed out to watch the Tennis Channel. Well, truth be told, he stumbled out to loyally and lovingly follow me and my insomnia.   I was the one who really wanted to watch the Tennis Channel. I love watching tennis almost as much as I love playing it.  Just love it. Old Tournaments. Current Tournaments. Grand Slams.  Weird multi-colored doubles competitions. Doesn’t matter as long as a ball keeps going back and forth across the net (as in my happy-dream!).

To my utter chagrin, I turned on the tennis channel to find an infomercial about the NINJA KS Blender. The what?  Yes, the NINJA KS Blender.  It makes peanut butter cookies AND vegetable juice.  At the same time?  What do I know?  It’s  2:00 in the morning. WTF?  All I want to do is watch some Tennis.

But noooooo……

OK…the NINJA KS informercial is over (and I’ve ordered one, of course), but NOW some guy (who has had bad Botox and even worse eyebrow shaping)  is encouraging me to “make a fortune from today’s down real estate market”….all of this while he is DRIVING his F-bomb CAR.   Really?  REALLY?  Yes, I’m still on the “TENNIS CHANNEL”.

All I wanted to do was watch tennis, but now I feel even crazier!

Buzz is happily snoring right next to me (which is a SL), but I’m feeling even more cuckkoo than I did when I got up.

Why don’t I read a book, you ask?  Well, that would imply putting words together….in a row…to make a story.  Perhaps it’s now time to channel surf and see what else I can find.

Thank you, Decadron, for keeping allergic reactions at bay, but NO THANK YOU to this middle-of-the-night madness!

Sweet dreams and SL’s to you all!

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  1. diane says

    Hollye, have any doctors told you to take Ativan to help you sleep? I have to take Decadron also, day before, day of, and day after chemo…I take Ativan to help me sleep and also to help with nausea…miracle drug!
    Keep on keeping on, you've got this!
    Love the chemo fashion!

  2. Nancy says

    Good Morning Hollye!
    The dawn of the last day of the year…and it was a magenta sunrise,just for you! Maybe the universe is conspiring to bring you beauty and we all get to observe…
    We're home for another week.. any chance I can come by and bring you a DVD that is FABULOUS? It will send you to bed with some fantastic images….
    Sending you so much love….. oxoxo Nancy K

  3. Nirasha says

    When I can't sleep, I either count or do something in a petting motion like scratch my boyfriend's back or pet my cat Zeppelin. I suffer from mild insomnia so this helps on occasion. I am not under meds that make me restless or anxious, but I am that way normally 😉

  4. Nan Jacobs says

    Oh gosh, so been there! There was a time (I think you can guess when), I couldn't sleep and would shop the jewelry shows on shopnbc and discovered the auctions on ebay for my antique business.(used to go to auctions all the time for my business in Chicago, but hadn't tried the ebay thing). I also got Cindy Crawford skin care line, bare escentuals cosmetics and pledged some money to starving children in Africa! (infomercials are very persuasive) Luckily my husband was a gem (no pun intended) about my middle of the night shopping! I returned most jewelry (ok, kept a few things),did sell the antiques,used the skin line, cosmetics and felt good about the Children's Charity. So I empathize with you about those middle of the night musings.They help to distract the mind in the quiet of the night. Wish I had tennis channel back then, I love to watch tennis too..but we do what we have to do at the time.