Chemo Course Continues

Today was Chemo #5.  Since I was unable to have chemo last week (because I didn’t recover from the 4th treatment), I had a revised version today. Though the original plan was that this was supposed to be the 5th of 6 treatments, I will have to go a little longer (maybe a lot longer – the extent is still TBD) because we are spreading out the medications in an effort to lessen the side effects.

Bad news:  I will have to go past the April 12th finish line. Truth be told: it brought out the Chemo Sobby in me.  I was holding on so dearly to the April 12th date.  However, I kept (and continue) to tell myself that there is a reason that I have to go longer and that something will (damn it!) come from it.

Silver Lining News: I will hopefully be able to better tolerate the upcoming treatments.

Another Silver Lining from today is that I had my LAST DOSES of Adriamycin and Cytoxan – EVER (I hope). Adriamycin is commonly referred to as “The Red Devil” because of its bright red color.  I’m really glad that this was my last dose of Adriamycin because it’s most toxic side effect is life-threatening heart damage.  Phew.

On a side note, I forgot that the red color of Adriamycin – Ummm – passes through the kidneys and produces an unsettling color in the toilet after drinking a lot of water. Catch my drift?

This happened to startle me which then made my heart skip a beat which then made me think that I was having a cardiac reaction! No worries, though. It was just evidence that my kidneys are working just fine. Phew, again!

The Red Devil being infused

As you may remember, I  go chemo to in an outfit that makes me feel good, happy and confident.  I have always put forth an effort to look my best, no matter how I feel, and chemo infusions are no exception. So, the outfits that I wear to chemo are chosen with care and have special meaning to me.

Today, I started with my scarf.  I chose one that belonged to my dear mother-in-law.(She died a few years ago and I miss her dearly, everyday.) It is a beautiful silk Hermes scarf with butterflies on it. She loved this scarf and I fondly remember her wearing it chicly on her head (a la Audrey Hepburn) when she and The HOTY drove in his convertible.

Lal's scarf

In addition to my scarf, my most precious accessory today was this stone heart given to me by a very dear and thoughtful friend.  I rubbed it in my hands relishing all of the tremendous love and SL’s in my life.  Such an incredibly and loving gift.

So much love!

I also wore my favorite J.Crew city fit capri pants.  It doesn’t get better than J.Crew, in my opinion. Love. Love. Love.  They are a lavender-pinkish color and I happened to have some fun little kitten heels in the same color – with tassels.  Can I just say how much I love tassels? I always have. I remember having my Bass Loafers in high school – with tassels.

And regarding the bag: well, you know how I feel about Hermes…and pink.  :–)

My favorite J.Crew City Fit pants


The other SL of today is that my next article is on the Health Page of The Huffington Post:

If you read this Brookside Buzz post and then the Huffington Post article, you might be confused.  To clarify, The Huffington Post is running all of my posts from the time of diagnosis to have the complete story.  THANK YOU again (and again!) for reading.  Your feedback, comments and energy mean the absolute world to me.  You are my Silver Lining!

Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.

~Author Unknown


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  1. Mary Kay demaio says

    I accidentally hit the send so "verbose" I can be. That story was from an earlier post I believe when you were talking about being out with your family. There are naive / ignorant souls out there. Then there are those who see
    You… Beautiful you …. Scarf, no scarf.. Hair no hair…
    Still and always lovely Hollye!!!
    Xxx mk

  2. Mary Kay demaio says

    Beautiful H-
    I was at party for a modeling agency last night. Stylists
    Hair and make up people galore. Such a fun time at Nacional 27. A woman approached me and said "I love your jacket"… Ironically it was the one I bought fro
    You. I said, "funny I've been admiring your leopard scarf you so stylishly wrapped on your head." it's true saw her immediately when I came in. Elegant , beautiful head to toe!
    She is a stylist.and from the way she was put together
    It showed. As we were speaking she revealed she was going thru chemo. Never crossed my mind. I am with the "hottie on this one… Those women were admiring your style grace and beauty.

  3. diane says

    Omg, could you be any cuter??? What a great outfit, can't wait to see your face after catching neck down style!!!

  4. says

    First saw you on Huffington and am now a fan. I recently finished chemo for FBC and when I saw your picture of Adriamycin, boy did I have a flash back. God, I hated those 2 red tubes of the Big A. You look so stylin' for someone going through chemo; love your little kitten heels and beautiful scarf. Sorry to hear you have to prolong your chemo, but I'm sure you'll find the SL in there. Sending good thoughts and strength your way.

  5. Nan and Hilary Jacob says

    Love that scarf and do remember it…she had it for years. You looked beautiful today. (loved the tassels!)
    Thinking of you today and every day….N & H

  6. Carol Harrington Riv says

    Hope that this chemo treatment is easier on you than the ones of the past, but just as hard on the FBC! Be well, Dearie!!


  7. ginny simon says

    Steve and I are both thinking of you, and laughing together in joy over your clothes description, totally get it. Today is my bd and I am welcoming in the eve witha brand new Gucci dress picked just for today. My tradition… you must wear at least one new outfit on that day! Love traditions, and love, love, love you

  8. Linda says

    I've been reading your blog since I was recently diagnosed with FBC (technical name). Discovered it on Huffington Post.I finally decided to leave a comment since my double mastectomy surgery is scheduled for April 12, which would have been your last day of chemo. Your hoped for chemo finish line will be my starting point.
    I have read huge amounts of literature both online and off.But I keep coming back to your blog for laughter, tears and solace.
    Keep the SL's coming.