I admit that I’m still obsessing about a potty. If you had been with me for even 20 minutes of this day (equivalent to about 7 stops), you would understand why.

In my last post, I asked if someone would create an iPhone application to direct a desperate user to a toilette. Great news (SL):  I have found that there IS an iPhone Application called:  SitOrSquat:Bathroom Finder.

It is a free (and extraordinarily GENIUS) application.  Thank goodness I’ll have an actual tool tomorrow to help me navigate my way around the W.C. world.

How’s that for a Potty SL?

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  1. Carol Harrington Riv says

    Love the name of the Application, Hollye!! You know what Granny would say…. "squat Dearie, NEVER sit!" I think she sent it your way, straight from Heaven…. it has her lingo all over it! Be well!