Dressing for Chemo

Part of my confidence has always come from the way I dress, i.e., the outside working with the inside to produce fortitude, energy and courage.

I believe that fashion has a wonderful power to transform the way one sees and presents both your inner and outer self.  With that thought in mind, I chose my outfit this morning with specific intention.  I am fortunate to have some great friends who are designers.  So, I thought that this morning’s  session (a repeat attempt after the first one didn’t work out so well) would be enhanced especially if I could  “visualize” my designer friends with me.

Therefore, I made specific choices about what to wear so that I could be surrounded by my friends (via their fashions).

My cream cashmere sweater and shawl, made by Jules Allen are so snuggly and comforting (http://www.julesallen.net/).

My pants are from Decades Denim ( http://www.decadesdenim.com/).  The Ali Cargo pants were so thoughtfully given to me by founder and owner, Cameron Silver.  I am wearing them now and they are so cozy as I sit in my chemo chair.

I am holding my pants up (thanks to my loss of appetite) with a fabulous navy Alexandra Knight alligator belt (http://www.alexandraknightonline.com/).

With regard to Jewelry, I am wearing my Hermes Collier de Chien cuff bracelet.  After yesterday’s debacle, I felt like I needed a strong cuff in case things happened to go south again.

The necklace is a beautiful and thoughtful gift from The Husband. It is made of rock crystal, surrounded by a natural Burmese ruby, a blue sapphire and pave set melee diamonds.  He thought the crystal would filter out bad energy and magnify the good energy coming my way. I will be wearing this every single day until my chemo is done and the FBC is eradicated.

I’m carrying a boatload of things to Chemo (because I will be here for 3+ hours).  The best bag in which to carry so much is the Cabat Bag by Bottega Veneta (http://www.bottegaveneta.com). I actually purchased  this bag from Cameron Silver at Decades (http://www.decadesinc.com/main.shtml).  I love this bag because it is so durable,  bright and happy. I love when function AND design coincide!

In the Cabat is a fabulous leopard bag made by Kendall Conrad.  You can use it for anything, but I happen to be using it to carry all of my various and sundry cords that come along with my MacBook Pro Air and my iPad.

Kendall Conrad Bolsillo Bag in Leopard

So, that’s the story on my very well thought out “rig” (as we used to call it when I worked for Polo Ralph Lauren).

Wishing you all a fashion-filled, SL’d Day.

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  1. Maureen Basse says

    OMG-Hollye! You look beautiful! You would think you were going for a lunch date with the girls or something. Man, you've got style-no matter what the occasion! Keep the smile-that's your best fashion accessory! XXOO An extra prayer for you today….

  2. Nan and Hilary Jacob says

    Ok, I'm a jewelry girl..lovin' that necklace. Hubby did well and you wear it beautifully! I'm with ya..It's the perfect energy piece!

  3. Daryl Stegall says

    That's our girl – always the fashionista! So happy to hear that the last two days have gone so smoothly. BTW, last night I made the Puree of Wild Mushroom Soup recipe that you shared, it is delicious!!

  4. Cameron says

    Now this is the way to conquer FBC and chemo…you do it with grace, humor, honesty, and style