Port-A-Cath Insertion: Follow-up

The Port-A-Cath Insertion went very smoothly.  A SL to the day!

Let’s just say that with some good medication: Fentanyl (a potent narcotic analgesic) and Versed (to cause drowsiness, relieve anxiety, and prevent any memory of the event), we give the Brookside BUZZ a whole new meaning.  :–)

After the procedure, The Husband even took me out to lunch where I had the most glorious,  wonderful  and over-the-top surprise!

Now, it is time for a snooze….

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  1. Cameron says

    Another successful SL procedure! and a little buzz, too! AMEN…and today is a extra special SL day for you…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Nan Jacobs says

    Absolutely fascinating.I'm learning so much, and I'm so glad that the insertion went smoothly!
    Thinking of you..you continue to awe and inspire.

  3. Susan Rice says

    So glad you were alert enough to compose your own buzz to Brooksidebuzz. Loved that hair on the chest in the photo! Truth is women get more hair on face as they age (If reduced hormones give one more facial hair, why don't we all get injections? I know why. We choose good health over today's version of beauty, right?)

    Look forward to hearing of your great surprise at lunch. I am in awe at what Finn was able to memorize. I just spent parts of several days watching grandchildren in holiday shows all over the Westside. The 4-7 year olds were able to show memory work of 6-8 sentences. That was it. Finn is amazing to get all those words right!!!
    Love, Susan