Top Movies to Watch During Chemo

The two to three hours spent in a chemo are absolutely no fun. There may be a smile or two, but in general, when I sat in the chair watching TAC drip into my body, I pretty much counted down the minutes until I could leave.

There was a Silver Lining though when I reminded myself that I could watch feel-good, no brainer movies either on my laptop or iPad.

Now that I’m no longer getting chemo (YAH!), I still turn to these flicks for a picker-upper (Silver Lining). So here they are, in no particular order…I love them all!

1. Rudy – talk abut inspiring!
2. Tootsie – great laughs, great story, great acting!
3. UP – so precious.
4. Princess Bride – one of the best EVER.
5. Good Will Hunting – Matt, Ben, Minnie and Robin at their best.
6. Karate Kid – you can probably recite the whole thing!
7. The Blind Side – guaranteed to make you feel great about life.
8. While You Were Sleeping – I’ve seen this so many times and it’s still fabulously adorable.
9. Forest Gump – I find new Silver Linings in this movie every time I see it!
10. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – I am not ashamed of my love for Ferris!

What are your favorites?


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  1. Jamie says

    I never thought about movies, but i did take a journal and wrote in it whenever i went for chemo. I could watch my own tv also during chemo but i mostly wrote in the journal!

    • says

      Thanks so much for your comment, Jamie! Writing is such a great form of meditation and healing…so glad that you were able to find something that worked so well for you! Take good care.

  2. Linda says

    Have to include one of the great Woody Allen films like Annie Hall or Sleeper. Manhattan is pretty enjoyable too. And Take the Money and Run…and well, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex. Can't go wrong with any of these!

  3. says

    Ten years ago I didn't have an I-pad or a lap-top or a Kindle to while away the boredom of chemo-therapy visits, (about 2 hours as I recall). After exchanging "chin-up" pleasantries with my compatriots I read books; mostly light novels by a favorite southern writer of mine, Lee Smith. "On Agate Hill" and "Fair and Tender Ladies" were two of her books I especially enjoyed. However, your idea of watching joyful, inspiring movies is a good one.

  4. Victoria says

    The Devil Wears Prada
    Pride & Prejudice – BBC version with Colin Firth
    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir – Rex Harrison & Gene Tierney
    Bringing Up Baby
    Philadelphia Story

    All great movies but all light and not requiring too much thought.