2nd Cancerversary

2nd Cancerversary

Today, October 15th, marks the 2nd Anniversary of my FBC (f-bomb breast cancer) diagnosis.  I can’t believe that I just wrote that. Any of it. The fact that I actually had FBC and the fact that it’s been 2 years since my life changed on a dime. Phew, what a difference two years makes!

About 1/2 way through my chemo treatments (when walking to the kitchen felt like a herculean task!), I concocted the idea to do something VERY physical every year on the day of my diagnosis. Why, you ask? Well, I saw it as a major Silver Lining way to celebrate my health on the exact day that it evaporated.

Last year, on the 1st anniversary I ran a 1/2 Marathon (and cried tears of joy as I crossed the finish line and fell into the HOTY’s arms).

This year, I am doing a wonderfully rigorous 4+ hour hike with some super fabulous girlfriends. The name of the trail, Inspiration Point, sure isn’t lost on me!


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  1. says

    I want to say, Thank You, for inspiring us and sharing your experience. I look forward to watching you inspire more people.. and live a long healthy and happy life..

  2. Kim C says

    Congratulations, Hollye! Thanks again for everything you do for so many. Enjoy the day to the fullest…. as I know you will!

  3. says

    Celebrate! Every anniversary away from FBC you feel better and better. So enjoy your hike Hollye with your BFF's and kick FBC to the wayside. Inspiration Point trail beckons you. Heed the call and YOU GO GIRL!! 🙂