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As many of you already know, sharing tips with friends is one of my favorite things to do. One company that I have been meaning to tell you about is BFFL Co.

BFFL stands for “Best Friends for Life”. Isn’t that the cutest name?  Well, it’s a cute name with a very real and important purpose. Introduced to me by a girlfriend (isn’t that how we find out about all the great things in life?), I am excited to share it with you!

BFFL Co. (“Best Friends for Life”) provides information, support and a wide range of products that help patients recover from surgery and other medical treatments in comfort and with dignity. I so completely and totally wish that this company had been around when I had my surgery in 2010!  The Silver Lining  is that it now exists for you and your loved ones!

Here’s a little background: BFFL Co was founded in 2011 by Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, MD, MPH (Master’s in Public Health). Elizabeth is a radiation oncologist who trained at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Harvard Hospital Systems. Clearly she is a smartie with a big heart!

After many years of working as a clinician, and after undergoing surgery herself, Elizabeth realized that people who become patients need to feel cared for, comfortable, and empowered, and they need to be treated in a way that preserves their dignity. She felt that while the surgeries and treatments for cancer and other conditions have rapidly evolved (and, in some cases, even been revolutionized), the recovery tools currently available to patients were designed decades ago, for the surgeries and treatments of the past. I couldn’t.agree.more!

BFFLBags® are super unique and awesome recovery kits packed with essential medical, personal care and other things that people need to get through all kinds of medical procedures and surgeries, e.g., lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemo (for women AND men!) and even child birth. I am seriously crazy about these gift bags.

They are the perfect gift. After all, we all wonder what to do and say when a person is diagnosed and faces treatment. Giving this gift bag will pretty much ensure adding a Silver Lining to a person’s life!

Now you know that even though this sounds like an ad, it certainly isn’t.  I don’t get paid to endorse things that I love. When I love something, I love love love it and have to share share share it!

Here are my two favorite gifts:

BFFL Co. | The Silver Pen

Pink Quilted Tote Breast BFFLBag® ( — This bright pink quilted designer zip tote packed with everything needed for surgical recovery, including: a specially-designed axillapilla® comfort pillow; wound and drain care supplies; mybody® skin care gift pack; toiletries, organizing tools and instructions; KIND bar; and more. Stylish and lightweight, this bag will keep spirits high during recovery and help the transition back to active life as a gym bag, shopping tote, or laptop case! Each bag comes carefully wrapped in tissue and accompanied by a handwritten note card, and BFFL Co will donate 15% of net proceeds to Friends Fighting Breast Cancer.


The Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® ( — This bra is not only extremely soft and comfortable (made of durable brushed-back material), but also expertly designed to eliminate the pinching and pain usually associated with drains and ill fitting garments put on patients after breast surgery. The patent-pending bra features side drain openings, soft Velcro front closures and shoulder releases so that removal for wound care and laundering are virtually effortless. Recovery is hard, and this beautiful bra will definitely be a patient’s best friend!

Visit to see other products and a wealth of helpful information.

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