Boobies and other Body Parts

I can only hope that you all had as glorious a start to your day as I had to mine.  After being startled out of a deep sleep by 4 3/4 (the not so glorious part), I  welcomed my good friend and pilates instructor to my home to do reflexology.

Reflexology Map

As I have mentioned, I am as focused on complementary and alternative treatments to this FBC as I am to western treatments.

Reflexology is the ancient practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands utilizing specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. This practice is based on the belief that there are reflex points on the feet, hands and head that are connected to every part (i.e., organ) of the body.

It is so fascinating, to me, that our feet and our hands are literally a mirror of our bodies. So cool.

Reflexology has been shown to be effectve in reducing pain and tension and as a way to promote relaxation and stress reduction. Additionally, reflexology increases circulation, boosts the immune system and helps to bring the body back into balance.  Now this is what I call win-win-win-win-win.

I must admit that I have had reflexology in the past and have not been too terribly impressed by it.  In other words, my mind tended to wander any other time I’ve had it done…and not to philosophical or life-changing topics. More like, “Ho-hum.  What’s for lunch today?  Why am I lying on this table and not hiking?  Perhaps I should have scheduled a mani/pedi instead.  What is 4 3/4 doing?”

HOWEVER, I’m in a slightly (well, COMPLETELY) different place in my life and am totally focused on well, focusing. Combine this new motivation with the fact that my therapist is a rock star when it comes to massage and pilates, which meant that I had complete faith in the potential of a new and great reflexology experience.

Plus, she is not a wuss. Quite the contrary. Pilates and massage with her are WORK. The hard, owie kind of work that is totally worth it because anything that I do with her produces results.

So, we started out and though I was still hoping for a nice little rub-rub (denial CAN be a healthy coping mechanism after all), she dug right into my feet.

OWIE.  “That’s your liver,” she said.  Oh, well thanks Percocet for that.

OWIE.  “This spot is your adrenal glands,” she said.  Yes, I’ve had just a tad bit of stress in the last few weeks.

OWIE. “That is your colon,” she said.  Well, thanks to the cornucopia of pharmacology in the last week, I am a little (ok, A LOT) backed up.

OWIE.  “This point is for your sternum,” she said.  Just a little action there this past week.

…and the list went on and on for a good 40 minutes. Now, at the end of our session, I felt totally spent, but in a good way.  As if I had done a great hike.  I also managed to take two monster-amazing naps today which felt GREAT.

We will be continuing to do this several times a week until I can get back up on my feet again.  This was a grand SL today, for which I am very, very grateful!

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