In Her Room

She is in her room and resting. Groggy, nurses coming in and out checking things, co2 monitor beeping, falling in and out of sleep, then the monitor  beeps etc etc etc. Gonna sign off now, great appreciation to everyone for caring enough to follow this, and for your wonderful comments, prayers and love. Over and out until tomorrow.  The Husband.

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  1. Libba Barnes says

    Lisa Kopecky is my dear, sweet friend who sent me your site. I am so moved by your touching, courageous loving journey. Prayers are everywhere for you in this world and with your fabulous attitude you will beat that FBC. I will follow your recovery with awe and admiration. You are THE BEST and so is The HUSBAND.

    Libba Barnes in San Antonio, Texas.

  2. Jeff Hillebrand says

    Hope you slept well and found some coffee this morning. Hospital staff is alerted you are family and I'm getting regular reports. Told them I want lots of love for all of you.

  3. Gina Tolleson says

    Hi Hollye and Jeff, I have been following all day and sending all my light & love to both of you and your drs and staff all day…to know that she smiled and you were there was a lasting sweet image that touched me beyond. I LOVE YOU! xoxo, G

  4. Maderlaw says

    JJ – Thanks for the update. I'm sure it is a pain but we have not stopped thinking of you guys today. We have been praying, and praying and praying . . . hope you can get some rest.