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  1. Laura McGrew says

    Dear JJ and Hollye,
    I am so full of thoughts, prayers and good wishes for you both. And I am so sorry, Hollye, that you were not given continuous pain medicine. I hope you do feel everyone's love coming to you.
    Take care,

  2. Katherine and Judd says

    Hope things are better. I am sure the pain is tough without all the residual pain killers from the surgery in the system. We are thinking of you, hope you got coffee and Hollye got rest. Lots of love, Katherine and Judd

  3. Diane meagher says

    I am thinking of all of you and have you in my heart. God bless you Hollye and Jeff.

    With love.

    Diane Meagher

  4. Mary Beth says

    Hoping now on top of pain and comfortable (comfort is all relative, of course). Sending you all lots and lots of healing love!

  5. Laura says

    So sorry you all had to endure unnecessary pain- I do hope that Hollye has the relief she needs now, so she can recover.
    I hope today is better for all of you and hope Hollye gets some of her strength back.
    My prayers and healing thoughts are with you.
    Speedy recovery home.
    Don't forget to breathe.
    Hoping for your recovery to go more smoothly.

  6. Pam Malloy says

    Oh, I am sick to hear that her pain was not controlled. I know this was one of Hollye's biggest fears. I hope they have some good orders written for her now. I send thoughts, love, and many prayers, BFF!!!