Pre-surgical Booby Report

Today is a new day, full of promise.


Surgery is scheduled for 7:00 am.  Right now (at 6:00 am, after arriving at 5:00 am), I’m sitting on the floor of the pre-registration office…W A I T I N G. I’ve already had three pre-registration phone calls (lasting anywhere from 10-20 minutes each!) and yet, here I sit.

Girlfriend and husband are sitting patiently (well, as patiently as the husband can sit).  Gigantic SL to be here with them.

Husband report will come during and/or after surgery.

Have a great day…and enjoy the fresh air, wherever you are!

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  1. debbie and michael m says

    you both are truly an inspiration to everyone who has
    ever had to deal with illness in any way. Thanks so much
    for sharing. We are keeping you in our prayers. We truly
    believe that 90% of getting better comes from a positive
    attitude and you have the most positive attitude of anyone
    who has ever faced this disease. Praying for a quick
    recovery for you.