Thursday 2 days post op.

She’s still recovering and trying to catch up on sleep. This is very very tough on her, and she is strong.  Some tubes coming out, pain seems to be under control but need to stay ahead of it. Slow walks around the halls. Hopefully home tomorrow, we’ll know more in the morning. Many thanks to all for your loving comments, I have been reading them to her. Be safe. The Husband.

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  1. Diane Meagher says

    Hollye and Jeff –

    You are in my thoughts and prayers every day and I am so grateful for your taking the time to record your days on this website. I read it with great anticipation and I wish you the very best and painless recovery over the next few weeks. Welcome home.

    Diane Meagher

  2. Susie Stiving says

    Dearest Hollye and Jeff, I join the many that are with you in spirit and love, asking God's blessing on your hopes and dreams. Prayers are for the strength for each day, and healing for your precious vessel. Because your marriage is such that when one weeps, the other tastes salt, I pray that you will encourage and comfort each other everyday. May your faith be strong as you claim God's promises for restoration. Always, Hollye, my love to you… Susie

  3. jennifer spoonts says

    thank you so much for keeping us in the loop. you are all in our thoughts and prayers. hoping to hear you are going home today for peaceful recovery.

  4. Susu Block says

    Dear Hollye,
    Thinking of you a million times a day and wishing you a speedy recovery. With your positive spirit, sunny disposition and a husband, family and friends who so clearly adore and support you, you've certainly got what it takes to fight the fight.
    Lots of Love,

  5. Deb and Mary Anne says

    Hollye and Jeff, Mary Anne and I are in Italy and have been thinking about you both and praying for you in every church in Italy. We lit a candle for you in the Duomo in Sienna and Lucca. Hollye your love and strength inspires me every day, I love you with all my heart. Love, Deb

  6. Nan Jacobs says

    Yes, stay on top of the pain…no need to be in pain! Hoping for home tomorrow..that would be good. Your strength, courage and love continue to inspire us all. Baby steps is all that's needed. Take gentle care, both of you. Everyone is here…you need not walk alone.

  7. Nan Jacobs says

    Yes stay on top of that need to be in pain! Hoping for home tomorrow…that would be good. Your courage, strength and love inspire us all. Baby steps is all that's needed. Take good care…both of you. We're all here.

  8. Carol Sawyer says

    Hi Hollye and Hubbie, Family and Friends,

    I am Maili's friend aka Maili's Silver Liner Soul Sister in Houston , Texas.

    I almost got to meet Hollye when she was supposed to be in Houston for a trunk show.

    But, as anyone who knows Maili, knows that we know how to connect! Whether near or far!

    So: from across the miles, from a wannabe and willbe Soul Sister: to dear Hollye: I am with you, you are in my thoughts, in my heart and in my prayers.

    Sending you love and most sincere wishes for a speedy and full recovery,,, soon.


  9. Caroline Diani says


    Sending you much love! You are courage personified! I am in total awe of you!

    "After the mighty fall comes the major lift".

    Big, warm hugs and a speedy recovery wand over you 🙂

    Caroline xoxo

  10. Laura McGrew says

    Dear Hollye,
    I do not think a hour has passed today that I did not find myself thinking about you. Later when I read JJ's entry, I was imagining how hard it must be to walk the halls, hoping you were not trying to be too strong, and wishing there was some way to relieve you of every pain. I am so grateful that you set up this blog and please thank JJ for his comments. They are so utterly tender and geniune. You continue to be in my prayers. Take care of your sweet selfand give my best to Isabelle.

  11. Mary Beth says

    Tomorrow is a big day so I will storm the heavens with prayer for "good" news.
    Sending you my Love – lots of it! Mary Beth

  12. Jo Saxon says

    Thinking a lot about you & sending healing wishes your way. So glad you are being well loved & well cared for.


  13. Stephanie and Chuck says

    Dear Hollye and Jeff,

    Chuck and I have been following your bog diligently and have been amazed at your strength and courage. You two are incredible people and we don't know your best friend, Hollye, but I am sure she is incredible as well.

    We feel blessed to have you in our lives and treasure your friendship. You are in our thoughts everyday and your smile, Hollye, is forever in our minds.

    Hugs, love and good thoughts all coming your way,
    S & C

  14. Sue Firestone says

    My deepest thoughts and wishes are with you today. I really hope to hear that you are home tomorrow. Your beautiful spirit will pull you through this along with Jeff and the rest of the family's loving support.

    All my love,


  15. Cameron says

    We are thinking of Hollye and hope she gets to be home with you tomorrow. Keep on healing and we are sending our love
    C and J

  16. Sue Rooney says

    Hollye, I have been reading your blogs each day and praying your recovery moves along quickly you are so brave and I hope time heals all these awful times of pain. You are always so positive… so as I think of you with your beautiful smile… know that everyone one of your friends have been thinking of you and wanting to see you back on your feet and dancing to the music…. Hugs, Sue Rooney xxoo