Gaynor's Silver Linings

I have just started my “journey” , not a term I’ve always got on with, but as a nurse placed a name tag on my bag to be taken to the ward and I was taken to theatre, I bizarrely felt I was embarking on some sort of holiday (vacation) and my journey did indeed begin.

I was diagnosed with FBC on 10th Feb 2012 and had a right mastectomy with expander reconstruction on 14 th March. I am yet to find out what follow up treatment I will have.

TheBritish experience seems quite different from the US, probably due to NHS ( National Health Service). I can’t fault the care and treatment I have had so far but feel it is all being done to me with little choice.

Having said that, I feel I am in good hands and believe I am getting the best the NHS can provide. I am still on the roller coaster of emotions and this blog has been really helpful tonight, thank you.

My SL so far has been the number of people who have shown their love and support for me and my ever deepening love for my husband who is caring for me so.

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