Gracie's Silver Linings

At 43 yrs old,I had my first mammogram and was called beck in for ultrasound.core biopsy etc and learned on new years day that I had invasive ductal carcinoma and would need surgery asap to remove 2 tumors,I never once felt bad for myself,instead I died inside with fear of leaving my husband,my kids,my family! We Had just lost my 40 yr old younger brother year before,and I knew I couldn’t let my family suffer again,so I fought thru the intense pain of surgery,twice.I never complained thru 4 rounds of chemo or radiation,hair loss,cold sores,mouth sores and severe bone pain because I believe in God and trust his judgement.I struggle with this disease and all it has taken from me,but I feel blessed that it had made me appreciate my family,and taught me to stop and smell the flowers,and I plan on holding on until there is a cure.

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