Jill's Silver Linings

This is not a submission as much as a ‘thank you’. I was diagnosed April 25, 2012 with DCIS and have had surgery, just started chemo, and found a lot of distressing information online. I put myself on a moratorium of looking for answers on a search engine, but am grateful I stumbled across your blog today.

I have spent the last 2 hours reading, crying, laughing, and hopeful at your story. Your photo radiates joy, life and genuineness, and so do your words. To say you are inspiring is an understatement.

Thank you for creating a place of positivity, a place of hope for those like me who are just opening the door to this long journey and are filled with unanswered questions, well-meaning misdirection by those not on the same road, and let’s face it – unbridled fear. I would say finding your blog was a Silver Lining for me today! – Peace.

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