JoAnn's Silver Linings

My silver lining was going on facebook and finding the link to this blog where I can tell my story.

My story begins in spring, 2007 when my husband of 32 years was diagnosed with soft cell sarcoma. He lived four years with this painful disease and died Jan.2011. I was his primary caregiver I did my best and still have regrets for not doing or being enough.

Two months after my husband passed, I found my lump. In a daze I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. My cancer journey wasn’t over yet, not for me or my three children. I had a partial mastectomy followed by 8 treatments of chemo.
Now I am scheduled for a left mastectomy followed by radiation. 

I have no idea what direction my life is taking. I am trying to find a purpose for all of this. I am blessed with living in California and New York. When I am in one state I want to be in the other.

I am not at peace anywhere yet. I am fighting back with meditation, exercise, healthy eating , journaling and prayer. This “peace” I am seeking, is it worth it?

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  1. Regan Ryan Hunt says

    I am not at all comparing my cancer to yours as mine was in an earlier stage. I will say that the only place to look is forward. You are enduring fighting while grieving…this is a mountain you are climbing. I am thinking that when you get to the top of this peak the view will be AMAZING. There are gifts awaiting you that you cannot see now. I encourage you to keep your chin up…you are doing all of the right things to win this battle. Have you joined a support group? I resisted doing this but it helped me more than I expected or imagined…good luck!