Joyce's Silver Linings

I found your site on facebook quite by accident, right before my diagnosis! However, I read it daily, but have never written.

I have had a bilateral mastectomy on 3/05, and feel as though I am recuperating nicely. However, today i got my pathology report and am told that cancer cells were found in 17 of 19 nodes that were tested. I see my oncologist on Friday morning, but I must admit this has me concerned. I am remaining positive, and I know that they have come a long way with the treatment of breast cancer.

Your silver linings are beautiful, and I am taking this time to enjoy the beautiful things in life that we are sometimes too busy to enjoy. I am also taking this time to be a spiritual journey.

Guess I would like to say thank you for all of your encouraging words. I also have tissue expanders, that I guess I will have for about a year now that I am going to require treatments.

If you or any of your readers have had a similar experience with the cancer cells being in so many nodes after the bilateral mastectomy, I would love to hear of their stories, since I seem to be having some difficulty finding that information! Thank you, Joyce

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