Karen's Silver Linings

I was feeling fine at the turn of the new year 2009. Had my yearly digital mammogram in Dec. 2008 along with an ultrasound and I did not have any lumps anywhere in my breasts. Having a strong family history of breast cancer, I always had my guard up to keep on top of this disease with annual check ups. Also, I was a breast MRI technologist at a leading cancer facility and this kept my focus always on track. So, when 2009 approached one of my new years resolutions was to have a breast MRI on myself. This would be my one last test to stay ahead of a diagnosis. This decsion proved to save my life.

MRI results revealed a small area of distortion. They said it could be scar tissue from a prior benign biopsy I had done a few years back. One doctor told me to ignore these findings. I listened to my inner voice and said NO. I went on to have a biopsy and you guessed it….I had breast cancer. After other tests, it was discovered that the cancer had spread into some lymph nodes. I went from having no symptoms to Masectomy, chemo, and radiation treatments.

This March I will celebrate 3 years of cancer free survival. I thank God every day for the gift of living and of giving me the inner voice that urged me to get the MRI and biopsy. I truly believe that it was a spiritual voice that
led me down the path to recovery.

I am still employed as a breast MRI technologist and my mission is to spread the word of MRI detection as the gold standard. My patients are my fellow pink warriors. I am one with them. They mean the world to me. They are my inspiration.

My message to you all is to never ignore that inner voice that sometimes tells you to take a different direction. If I had done that almost 3 years ago, I may not be here today.

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