Katie's Silver Linings



Dear Hollye,

My name is Katie Stotler, 2 years ago I underwent a bilateral mastectomy. After coming home from my surgery I had to deal many difficulties including the presence of four drains. I had purchased a camisole from a local store which I found added to my discomfort. The camisole was not only visually unappealing, but the drain pouches were too high and I had an allergic reaction to the Velcro.

I decided there needed to be a better product on the market. I teamed up with a friend and spent months researching fabrics, trims, fits and since then have developed a camisole I wish I had.

The Perfect Camisole, as I like to call it, has everything women would need after surgery. Our fabric choice was a soft cotton which a touch of modal that washes and wears with ease. Subtle exterior and interior pockets accommodate up to four drains discreetly. Adjustable bra straps, delicate lace trim help make this garment unique and feminine.

We are a relatively new company within the last year and are growing every day. We recently were picked up by the American Cancer Society’s catalog and are looking reach out to as many women as possible. We feel our product could help raise the spirit of a woman after she’s gone through something as difficult as breast cancer.
We came across your blog recently and wanted to say how much we appreciate what you’re doing. I think kinship for this cause will strengthen the lives of women affected by breast cancer.
If you would like to see our camisole you can find us on facebook or at our website shoptoobeautiful.com

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