Lisa's Silver Linings

I am a 36 yr old female who was diagnose with Breast Cancer on Feb. 15,2011.

I had stage one on left and stage two on right with skin involvement and lymphnode removed on right side from involvement. I also had a double mysectomy last April and facing reconstruction in the fall.I had about 6 months of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation.

I was told on March 21,2012 that there is no present signs of cancer.That was a year in waiting especially after I was told from previous Oncology dr that i will never here those words.That is because i have a very rare mutation that me and my sister got from my late father. My sister is a tyroid and breast cancer survivor also. I also am about less than a month out of radiation treatment. I have some more genetic testing to do for two more gene mutation that is suspected.

I am a mother of three children Chad 18,Kayla 13, and Megan 10 and i also am married to my jr high sweetheart.

It was a very long hard battle for me that i thought would never end and now i am sure that it has ended and i have claimed my life back. If i should go back to the dr tomorrow and was told that it was back i would fight it again and make it my B…CH AGAIN.

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