Lynn's Silver Linings


I was diagnosed July 1st of this year. I was always worried about getting breast cancer my whole life. (I am 56.) Then I got it this year.

This year started out better than other years for me. I remember thinking before my FBC (borrowing from you) that I felt the best physically and mentally than I had in years. I felt that I had come out of a long dark tunnel of my own making. People noticed a difference in me too and then boom I got my diagnosis.

But I have been able to cope better than I thought I would. One of my silver linings is a family doctor that recognized last year after my Mom died from pancreatic cancer that I needed help from depression. She prescribed Zoloft for me and that has helped me tremendously. The dark cloud I carried around with me through work and my family life slowly disappeared. I also made out better after my surgery then before clinically.

I was stage IIb before but stage Ia after. I had a lot of calcification but my tumor was healing itself.

Another silver lining. I am halfway through my 4 chemo treatments. I have lost my hair. but there is another silver lining. I got this Pantene wig from the ACS. The wig is a style that I used to wear years ago when I was much younger. Everybody thinks it is my own hair. The wig has it benefits. I really do not have bad hair days anymore. LOL.

My father-in-law died this past March and my brother-in-law killed himself in September. But somehow we have all survived. My worry now is my wonderful husband who has been by my side throughout all my health problems. He is coping with the loss of a father and brother this year. I am worried about him. I also have a 26 year old daughter. She is the sweetest person. Somehow I do not know how, my husband and I raised a wonderful daughter.

Thank you for allowing to write my story.

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