Pat's Silver Linings

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early November 1988. On November 28, 1988, I had a bilateral mastectomy and have been cancer free since then.

If you feel a lump, have severe pain, etc.etc., see you MD right away. This is your body and you need to remember you are number one, at taking care of yourself.

Yes, I was scared! I look at how many years I have survived and the number of newly diagnosed cancer patients I have worked with and I feel very blessed to be have been able to reach out and help.

Unfortunately, there are too many people that don’t have family or a support group. We all need to reach out and we all need to remember, we did have cancer, we don’t have it now. I want people to feel free to contact me.

We all have a myriad of concerns, not one of them is stupid and sometimes we just need someone to listen to us.

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