Rebecca's Silver Linings

I wanted to share an idea that I’ve been doing for about a year now.

After experiencing the challenges (not sure how else to put it without swear words) of chemo I started making chemo gift bags. I even had people from my work donate to make them! I make cute little pink gift bags full of body lotion, lipstick, scarves, hats, warm socks, and other nice girly stuff and take them to my oncologist!

The chemo nurses give them out to the chemo patients! I figure if you have to be there – maybe it’ll give you some cheer to receive something nice. I know the American Cancer Society does makeup stuff for cancer patients but really, how many us wanted to go down to a big meeting and sit there feeling miserable? I sure didn’t! Didn’t have the energy!

That’s where I got the idea! Last month I took over 100 gift bags and actually got to hand out two of them. We all sobbed happy tears. The reason I share this is – maybe we can all do this in each part of where we live for chemo patients? It’s so easy and fun!! šŸ™‚

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  1. Anne Prettyman says

    Thank you Rebecca. We are on it! My husband and I are taking your lead…We are making bags this weekend to take to the treatment room at our local hospital. Ours will include a bottle of water, chapstick, hand lotion and a snack or two. WE ARE EXCITED! We will deliver them this week so that those patients receiving chemo and radiation will get a little jingle when they go…Thanks for the WONDERFUL idea!