Sandra's Silver Linings

Clairfied awareness has become an integral part of my life, by this I mean that I now want to know everything … I traveled in Boston, I wanted to know who thought of the transit system, who designed it, who built it? I want to know who, what, where, when and why???

I was always a curious person, but having been given FBC…my curiousity has exploded.

The short time that we travel this earth (in the whole spectrum of unlimited time), I now feel much more inclined to see, touch, taste and smell things clearly by savouring the complexity of everything offered.

Silver Linings come our way every moment, awareness to them is the key…..laughter, simplicity, acceptance, patience and love are the Silver Linings that I hope to live. To be an encouragement and an example to others that FBC…is a journey, not an end.

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