Sue's Silver Linings

Thank you Hollye for allowing me to share my story——-Sue

Walking down the dim hallway, I have a light bulb moment; “I don’t need any more answers, I no longer need to research about my breast cancer.” At that moment in time my roller coaster of feelings came to a close. Before that, I was always stressed, never comfortable with the uncertainty waiting for the next shoe to drop. I was scared and of course, clinical (since I am an RN after all), researching and searching for answers. Self-care was a big focus for me. I used exercise, yoga, acupressure, and retail therapy with friends to keep me sane. Love was abundant from family and friends. After 3 lumpectomies (because no one ever expected to find any cancer), the specimens were sent for gene testing. All the while, I was hoping, for a positive outcome. After a university tumor board reviewed my results, they agreed unanimously that treatment only by radiation was the best course of action. After I completed my last radiation treatment in January 2011, I celebrated with the therapy team. Then my husband and I drove away to spend a very silly day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk playing games. No worries. No thoughts of cancer.

During treatment one of my radiotherapy technicians told me her own breast cancer story; how she finished 9 months of chemo & radiation and was forced to decide what was next for her. Her increased risk of injury with subsequent increased risk of infection & lymphedema prevented her return to her career as a jewelry designer. This inspired me to take my life coaching in a different direction. Now it is my mission and pleasure to help women after breast cancer to live a life they deserve. It’s about living your best life possible with or without disease. Let me help you find where you fit, maximize your strengths, your impact, and your contentment.

Breast cancer doesn’t define you; it frees you to arrive at different choices.

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