Wendy's Silver Linings

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2009 and decided to do chemo before surgery as a way to shrink the tumor in the hope of having a lumpectomy. I had one week to get things in order before chemo started and I was “nesting”–stocking up on toilet paper and other goods my husband wouldn’t have to worry about. As I pulled into my driveway from my Wal-Mart trip– I was surprised to see about 30 women in my yard. I cautiously got out of the car to see what they were doing there.
They had shovels and bulbs in hand and they were planting hundreds of tulips in all of my flower beds!!!! They knew I had 5 1/2 months of chemo and by the time it was done, my tulips would be blooming. I have never been so touched in all of my life !! And guess what? This mild Chicago winter–I saw that my tulips are starting early this year, and I think of everyone who was there that day and two years later it still makes me smile

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