Trying to Figure Out Your Insurance? The Cancer Insurance Checklist Will Help!

Cancer Insurance Checklist

Today I’m excited to share with you a tool (you know how I love tools!) that WILL help you navigate the world of insurance. With the fits and starts of Obamacare, the issue of insurance is going to touch each and every one of us in ways that it never has before (a fact, not a judgment).

To help us all, the Cancer Support Community (whose mission it is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community) and a group of 18 partnering cancer and patient advocacy organizations recently launched the Cancer Insurance Checklist, a resource to help people with cancer, a history of cancer, or at risk for cancer choose insurance plans in the new state-based Health Insurance Marketplaces of Obamacare.

The Silver Lining of the Cancer Insurance Checklist is that it guides consumers to review the coverage within each insurance plan they are considering, including coverage for services provided by their health care team, where care is delivered, medications and various common cancer treatments and services they may need. The Checklist also provides a worksheet to help the consumer detail the costs associated with each plan. It’s so awesome!

The Checklist is designed to be used while evaluating insurance plans and also when discussing them with a navigator or health care provider.

Kim Thiboldeaux, the President and CEO of the Cancer Support Community (the awesome woman with whom I did a radio show recently) said that “It is important to ensure that people understand the coverage for cancer-related health services so that they can make educated decisions based on their health needs and their budgets.” So true indeed!

So, if you have cancer or know someone who has cancer, be sure to download and print this fantastic free (!) tool by visiting There, you will also find a comprehensive list of additional resources including a full glossary of terms relevant to insurance coverage decisions. How’s that for a Silver Lining in this murky and confusing world?

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    You are surprised enough when you find out about the cancer but then the insurance is a nightmare. I looked at this tool and think it is going to help me out a great deal. This takes part of the load off. Thanks!!