Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What to Say (or Not to Say) #2


As I mentioned yesterday, I am frequently asked: What should I say (or not say) to my friend/sister/loved one who has been diagnosed with FBC (f-bomb breast cancer).

FBC is a pickle (understatement of the year!) all the way around. People mean well, but when some things are said, they aren’t received quite as well as intended.  So, during this month that is  devoted nationally to Breast Cancer Awareness, I thought I’d share some things that are commonly said (cloud) and better ways to say them (Silver Lining).

My intention with these posts is to acknowledge how FBC patients feel and to offer positive Silver Lining ways to interact with people who are coping with the dreaded disease.

I hope that these are helpful to you! As always, I’d love your input!

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  1. Caroline says

    Hi Hollye,
    I'm a friend of Frances Schultz and was following your blog before I got FBC diagnosis last January. Now I'm a devoted reader……I'm through my double mastectomy, reconstruction, chemo and going to get the twins tattooed today!! My son who is a huge Anglophile sent me the picture below and I thought of you and all my dear sweet friends who have to or had to deal with FBC.
    All the best,
    Buckingham Palace
    Lit up pink for breast cancer awareness month:

    • says

      Dear Caroline,
      THANK YOU for your note! I'm so, so glad that you are DONE with treatment and getting your tattoos. The HOTY asked me when I'm planning to get mine. My scars are still really prominent and so I'm not quite there yet. Then I had a stroke of genius (more like absurdity) when I thought about having the tattoos be monograms. Cracked myself up!
      The image of Buckingham is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing.
      ON another note, can we just talk about how much we LOVE Frances? Love-Love-Love!
      All my best wishes to you.
      Thank you for reading the blog!