Time for Pajama Day!


From Friday afternoon until Saturday morning, I am having my very own Pajama Day!  I’ve been writing about Pajama Days for some time now. When I first wrote about it, I promised that I would have one a month. Well, Friday is my day…and I am f-bomb excited about it!

My motivation for doing/having/celebrating pajama day is because ever since — ohhhhh — the first of the year I have been busy beyond belief. Though I’m not complaining. I am blessed to have an incredibly full, inspired and Silver Lined life. However, I will admit that there are days when I don’t know if I’m coming or going, if I’m pitching or catching (I do love that phrase!). Many-Most of my friends seem to be plagued by the same issue. Everyone is always so, doggone B.U.S.Y.

So, I have made a concerted effort to incorporate idleness into my life. Believe it or not, this incorporation is making me more productive. Idleness is also allowing me to stand back from life and see things differently, with a more enlightened perspective (Silver Lining).

I hope that you will incorporate some idleness into your life and even possibly–hopefully take a Pajama Day whenever you can as well!


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  1. Isa says

    Yeiii! for PJ-Day!. I have mine on Sundays, from the time I wake up till the sun goes down, I stay on my PJ's, I eat, I cook, I read, I nap, I water the plants in the garden, I clean, I organize, I plan, all in my PJ's and I looove it. Now that fall is just around the corner and the air will become crisp again, I look forward to wearing my PJ's with socks, it's my Sunday staple winter pret-a-porter look, soft warm luxurious socks. I recently bought 6 pairs from Selina Scott's Goat Mohair Socks, it was a bit of an investment, but I think they are worth every shilling + I love Selina's approach to life and her profound love for her farm animals. So Yeiii! again for making PJ'Day official.